Welcome to the Property Millionaires Club

The Property Millionaires Club (PMC) is an exclusive division of the Property Club, Australia’s leading property investment club. Property Club members qualify to become PMC members when they have accumulated over $1 million worth of property.

Wendy Priestly, PMC President

Wendy Priestly (B.Com, M.Ad. Ed) has 20+ years’ property investing experience. She and her husband built a property portfolio of over 20 properties around Australia, providing an annual rental income of more than $500,000. Wendy began investing in 1994 with around $15,000 for a deposit and $50,000 equity in her own home.

A former teacher, Wendy joined the Property Club as a member in 1997 and after a number of property purchases with the Club decided to become a Property Mentor in 2000.  Wendy and her husband become  Branch Managers in 2004.  Wendy is today the most successful property investor within the Property Club.

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