In May the Victorian Branch Managers worked together to host a very special Advanced Workshop which saw 21  people inducted into the PMC. Of these new PMC members, 11 came from Anne Greening’s branch. “I was thrilled to see so many members progress to the PMC, meaning they have invested in over $1 million in Club property.”

Over 220 members attended the workshop that recognised the new PMC members. The Advanced Workshop, held in Richmond Victoria, was a half day session filled with high calibre speakers including Club Researchers, Jean Cairns and Greg Wood, Steve Brkic on Estate Planning, Wayne Pratt of TIC Super, Fabio Cammarano on Tax issues for multiple properties, Troy Gunasekera on Cash Flow Analysis and Matt Ivers of Vision Finance. The highlight of the Advanced Workshop was also a dynamic presentation by Wendy Priestly, PMC President, on Managing your Portfolio.

Wendy and John Priestly joined many members of the group for a special three course PMC dinner at Il Vicolo in Carlton, which further celebrated the achievements of the new PMC members. Over 85 PMC members came together to share a social evening with like-minded investors and listen to Wendy’s presentation on ‘Overcoming
Obstacles’ and the exciting activity of the PMC for the year ahead. Wendy led the group through an interesting exercise to calculate the group’s net worth.