The TIC PMC Melbourne Cup Celebrations began for  24 PMC members including Kathy and Kevin Young,  when they  boarded the P & O ship bound for Melbourne on Saturday Evening.   The ship was late leaving Sydney harbour and after a slow cruise, arrived at Station Pier, Melbourne on Monday evening a few hours late for the midday BBQ

The celebration for the non cruising  members started with a “get to know you”  BBQ on Monday commencing at midday  – hosted at the home of  Margaret and Phil Byrnes.  All members  wined, dined and chatted for  a few good hours, before heading off to their accommodation to get rested for the big day.  Unfortunately, the boat people (who rowed as fast as they could down the east coast) were several hours late for the midday start, but despite their late arrival,  guests were greeted with a well prepared meal and fine wine.

PMC Presidents, Wendy & John Priestly were also in attendance throughout the day and mingled with the members.

Tuesday morning began with a limousine ride and for those coming from the ship, a limousine bus took members to the Flemington Racecourse.  A short walk across the hallowed turf ( with some stops for photo opportunities) we gathered at the inner circle of The Winning Post where members of TIC met at the  TIC PMC official marquee which included a balcony overlooking the finish line.

With the stunning backdrop of the Flemington Grandstand, and the Melbourne sunshine with blue and grey skies (Okay a few light showers), members were well attended with an excellent choice of food and wine and when necessary took a short stroll down the hall to the bookies to place bets.

With 73 PMC attendees including members from Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria the day had a fantastic, carnival atmosphere to celebrate the 150th Melbourne Cup.  We were surrounded by lucky members jumping for joy at winning, while others were crying into their beer, wine or champagne at their losses.

During the festivities, Kevin and Kathy presented Gold Plus membership to Melissa Edyvean and Martin Buggy.  Congratulations to Melissa and Martin.

The day passed extremely quickly and before long we were gathering up and moving back to the limousines.

Thank you to all PMC members who attended and special thanks to Kathy and Kevin Young and TIC PMC travel specialist  Sharyn Bojczenko for organising such a fantastic event.