On Saturday 18th June, our PMC President, Wendy Priestly and Phil Byrnes, Vic Branch Manager, organised a Melbourne PMC event & dinner to follow.  The venue was the stunning Yarra Yarra Golf Club.  It was a great turn up and the 77 PMC attendees had a very stimulating afternoon with the SPI (Shortfall Percentage Indicator) and FIDO (Financial Independence Date Organisor) being shown in detail.

During the PMC dinner, Wendy asked all  66 attendees to conduct an exercise and write down how many properties they owned and how much they were worth.  A stunning total of 241 properties valued at $120m with the average property value at $498,000!

Ask your Support Member how you can be part of the Property Millionaires Club and how you can join up!  With the tax deductible advanced learning sessions and trips, it is certainly very worthwhile and also a lot of fun mingling with like minded people.

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