Norfolk Island – PMC International Workshop 2016 – Pt 2

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Norfolk Island

PMC Postcard StampNorfolk Island Update
Wednesday on Norfolk Island was a lazy day. As a group we decided to go do the tour of Colleen McCullough’s house. Colleen passed away two years ago and was the author of many books.

The most famous was Thornbirds – her second book. Only part of the house was available to us, but what fantastic collection of exotic wares that she bought to the home from all over the world! A huge and extensive library, many historical books that she used to research to factually support both her fiction and nonfiction books. Unfortunately, a pending court case has stopped anyone taking photos inside the home which is so full of rare antiques and modern custom designs that left us all speechless. The many notes that she left around the house carried her wonderful, wicked sense of humour and language! Most of the notes we can’t repeat here!

Did you know?

The original buildings from the founding settlement on Norfolk Island were all pulled down when the prison was closed?

Then there was a second settlement and the original buildings have mostly been renovated with barely a sign of the original settlement. The whole island is powered by the one diesel generator. The island is supplied with goods and food by ship on a monthly basis.

The ship can’t come in and dock, so goods are transported over the side onto tenders and then they are pulled into shore – a time-consuming process. The island is now under NSW laws and control. It use to exist on its own sales tax and GST formula.

For the first time locals will be paying income tax! They need the Property Club!!


The island is all a beautiful deep green from the many occasional showers drifting in. Of course there are Norfolk Pines everywhere. This small island has several lovely beaches – around the 32 kilometres of coastline. It is the whale season and some of us have seen the whales passing by.

Despite relying heavily on imports for their food the meals here are cheap and plentiful. Tonight I’m looking forward to returning to the Jolly Roger where we had so much fun last Sunday night. We will again see if we can get our fantastic “Elvis” back up on stage and once more have one of their big, thick juicy steaks!


Kevin Young
Club Founder