PMC Europe Tours | Paris | Part 1

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PMC Europe Tours - Paris - Part 1

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Hi PMC members

Hello from Paris where 17 members have been having a wonderful time in the French capital for the past week. Perfectly located in a boutique hotel near the iconic Eiffel Tower, the group were able to access all the major Paris sights as well as being able to eat in wonderful cafes experiencing many of the French cuisines choices.

One major difference this year was the large presence of the police and the military soldiers.
As tourists, it certainly made us feel safe.

The group experienced the metro train system that is so efficient but very busy.

One, of course, must ensure they travel in the direction of their destination and not end up
at the other end of the line!. The cost for one single trip, no matter how many changes you need to make , costs 1.90euro (approx AUD3.50).

Food is expensive with meal including a glass of wine each ,approx Euro 70.00
(approx AUD90.00) for a couple.

The day trip to Claude Monets’ home and garden was simply beautiful. The gardens have a huge collection of hundreds of colorful flowers. The story of Monet’s life was most interesting and to actually walk thru his home where he and his large family lived, gave us an understanding what an amazing artist he was and the importance of his gardens were in his paintings.

We then stopped at the Palace of Versailles and saw the fabulous rooms of the palace that had all been revovated in 2013. Anyone planning on visiting this attraction should pre-purchase a ‘skip the line’ ticket as this greatly reduces your line up time.

There is no doubt the highlight of the Paris visit was the Moulin Rouge performance.

An absoluetly wonderful experience from seats right up front where we could bascially reach out and touch the artists. The dancing, singing, costumes and the show was quite simply very classy.

The Byrnes, Elliotts & Bojczenko’s in Paris.

Sacre Cour Basillica

Wonderful news from Paris!

One of our much travelled PMC couples, John Sheil and Rhonda James, who are on this trip with our group, while visiting the Eiffel Tower the other night, John got down on bended knee and proposed to Rhonda. For the first time Rhonda was speechless!

After she recovered and was given her engagement ring, she said definitely YES…

Tomorrow we join the Scenic River cruise.
More postcards to come.
Until next week
Cheers Beers and Bubbles

Sharyn Bojczenko