Queenstown, NZ - Part 3

October 21, 2015 1:44 PMHi all We are now on our way home from the wonderful PMC Workshop in Queenstown. Some members flew directly home, although delays in flights were experienced due to rough weather around the south island, arriving home a few days later. For those of our PMC group who were doing the post Workshop cruise and had planned to embark on ... Read More

Queenstown, NZ - Part 2

October 14, 2015 1:39 PMHi all After a reflection day and away from concentrated work, members were ready to get back into the final 2 days of working on their property portfolio’s. The program required a few more hours of completing Property Club Programs with members own details. This was mixed with learning about Improving Your Properties Cashflow, Improving Savings and Budgeting and working ... Read More

Queenstown, NZ - Part 1

October 13, 2015 1:33 PMHi to all We welcomed 37 PMC members who travelled from across most of Australia to join us at the 11th PMC International Workshop in Queenstown New Zealand. Members travelled from Qld, NSW, Vic, TAS, SA and NT. PMC members were of all ages learning about improving the performance of their properties for the long term. We had four members ... Read More

Doubtful Sound, NZ

October 9, 2015 1:29 PMHi to all, Just before our International Workshop in Queenstown our group took a few days to visit and sail along the waters of Doubtful Sound, on the west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. This area is a nature wilderness area with trees and vegetation still in its primeval state - just a pristine area of the ... Read More

New Zealand Alps

October 6, 2015 1:20 PMHi All, Still travelling and enjoying the time and the scenes of New Zealand. They take your breath away. New Zealand is like so many places rolled into one location, just like in the movies. With so many films like,The Hobbit, Everest etc being made here in New Zealand with its many landscapes you can understand why. We arrived on ... Read More

Christchurch and Arthurs Pass

October 2, 2015 1:16 PMHi to all our PMC members, We are off on tour of New Zealand and the International Workshop over the next few weeks. We left Sydney beginning with our lunch in the Qantas Business Lounge to enjoy an end to all our efforts of packing bags, organising passports and tickets, ordering $NZ for spending and including our warm thermals for ... Read More

Greek Isles

August 27, 2015 1:10 PMHi PMC Members, Wanted to let you know about our recent Greek Island Cruising as well as all the other trips we have completed in Europe this Aussie winter. The PMC tour group was welcomed on board with champagne and guided to our luxuriously appointed rooms that would be our homes for the next 7 nights on the lovely Silver ... Read More

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia (Pt 2)

August 13, 2015 11:26 AMHi all, The Dalmatian Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines we have travelled to for many years. Blue seas, little bays to stop and swim at before heading on shore to investigate the history of the area. One of the little villages we visited was a very small island with main town Pucisca. This location is famous for ... Read More

Dalmatian Coast, Croatia (Pt 1)

August 11, 2015 5:41 PMHi All, Next adventure takes us, cruising north from Dubrovnik to Split along what is called the Dalmatian Coast.  This has beautiful blue waters, clear blue skies and temperatures of 31 - 32 degrees each day in the summer.  So nice to know we are not experiencing the cold weather of the east coast of Aus. Our cruiser is the ... Read More

Dubrovnik, Croatia

July 14, 2015 12:27 PMHi All, Leaving Greece, some of the group moved on to travel the Dalmatian Coast, so just a few days in Dubrovnik was marvellous. Time to really appreciate the history, the life style & food of Croatia and the blue of the Adriatic Sea.  The sea is just as blue as the sky and weather is a monotonous - 31 ... Read More

PMC Travel Postcard from Noosa
March, 2015

Hi PMC Members. Just to drop a short note to let you know that after the great 21st National Conference a number of the exhausted PMC members travelled up to Noosa for a week to relax and enjoy the company of 13 other members. We drove up from Brisbane and found that the rainy weather had moved on and that sunny weather was on offer for the coming week.  Read More…

PMC Postcard Noosa Post Conference 2015

PMC Travel Postcard from Japan
January, 2015

Hi PMC Members. A number of families decided to explore the ski slopes of Japan and the surrounding sights over the summer break. The PMC Japan tour commenced after touching down in Osaka and a short drive to spend 2 nights in Kyoto, with a touch of snow when arriving in this amazing city.   Read More…

PMC Postcard Kyoto Japan 2015.pdf

PMC Travel Postcard from Cambodia
October, 2014

Hello to All. We arrived at our location in Cambodia, Siem Reap near Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat was first a Hindu, then subsequently a Buddhist, temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world and one of the 7  wonders of the ancient world.   Read More…

Cambodia Postcard Album 2014.pdf

PMC Travel Postcard from Rome
June, 2014

Hello PMC Members. Weather could not be better – warm and sunny in the coastal town of Kotor, Montenegro, which is down the coast from Venice. A picture perfect town that gained independence after the break-up of Yugoslavia. From the top of the mountains we can see for miles. We stopped for morning tea and enjoyed home made bread, cheese and smoked ham, for those that like meat:) and cool drinks.   Read More…


PMC Travel Postcard from Venice part 1
May, 2014

Hello PMC Members. The PMC travelling group of 22 members arrived in Venice last Thursday. There was rain the first afternoon, but yesterday, the weather was sunny and great. Venice is the same as it was 1000 years ago. Looking up a street now looks like it was in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.   Read More…

Venice May_29th.pdf


PMC Travel Postcard from Venice part 2
June, 2014

Hello PMC Members. Just concluding our travels in Venice as we get ready to pack our bags and head to the shipping port. The last few days have been spent looking at the wider scenes and activities around Venice and out from the main island of San Marco where we have been staying right in the centre of town, at Hotel Casanova (named after the famous artist that had many lady friends).   Read More…

Venice June_3rd

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